Thursday, May 25, 2017

Revisiting Tommy Arthur's First Victim

There's been a great deal of talk about justice for Troy Wicker; we've seen none about similar justice for Arthur's first (known) victim, Eloise Bray West. Surely her family must also feel some relief that a nightmare lasting over a generation may now be ending:


Eloise Bray West's niece is Christie Bray Scott. She remains on death row as we write this. We have no doubt that like her aunt's killer, she's manipulating whomever she comes in contact with. 

During Christie's trial there was a great deal of gossip that as a child she had killed her brother and that her family had convinced authorities it was a tragic accident. We've never seen any details and have no idea if this tale could indeed be true. If any of our readers have inside knowledge of this incident, please contact us. 


Just think, for the next 30 or so years, Shoals area residents may have an Erica Fox, etal., circus to look forward to...

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