Thursday, June 1, 2017

Special: Incident at Spring Park

From the Tuscumbia Muskrat:

Yesterday several children were trapped on the top peak of Spring Parks' roller coaster. Many of the children were scared and in tears as they awaited their rescue for almost an hour. Now a roller coaster break down is not uncommon since it has happened many times before, especially in the last 4 years. What makes this story astonishing is how this situation was handled. A park employee ordered a teenage boy to use an average ladder to climb and retrieve each child.

The teenager noticed the flaw in the plan as being entirely unsafe and begged for an alternate plan. Parents and other onlookers requested that the park employee call 911 for a safer rescue. The park employee refused. A concerned parent took the matter into their hands and dialed 911. Within minutes emergency personnel arrived and rescued the children - much to the relief of their parents and guardians. The park employee disappeared during the rescue and did not speak with the parents afterward. Much to the dismay of park guests the same park employee reopened the coaster after it was dislodged from the top of the coaster - all without proper inspection and maintenance!?! 

I would be shocked on how the children and parents received little to no care but this has been happening for many years now. I just hope this time our new Mayor will see through the "lies" and "manipulation" of a poor Park Director who has long lost control of the safety and wellbeing of our park guests. It's time to put new people in charge who can treat the issues with "actions" and not "words". Please keep your excuses Kendrick - which we will see in the coming days from an article in the Times Daily. Mr. Underwood - are you going to make a difference like you promised? WE NEED A NEW PARK DIRECTOR!!!

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