Wednesday, June 14, 2017

UNA Salaries v. First Responder Salaries?

Do you think maybe there were bonuses paid in January this year? There are larger payments than usual to some employees (Paulette Alexander, Robert Armstrong, etc).

I am appalled at the regular salaries for most all the instructors/deans/professors, etc. The sad thing is, this the norm in education at all levels, not an exception!

What about our first responders pitiful pay for working all hours, weekends, holidays, in the heat, cold, bad weather and under extreme hostile conditions many times?

This disparity is NOT acceptable.

Wake up people - pay our police, firemen, nurses like we pay those who work less than 180 days a year!

Leslie M. Shoals
From a reader:
You mentioned that our university no longer has Florence in its name, if you look at online material, it will just say it's located in the Shoals. I don't know how students from out of town manage to find it.
With the announcement that Alice Martin is running for state office, we now have two local candidates running outside local parameters...and qualifying won't be over for months. 

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