Thursday, June 1, 2017

"Grieving Families?"

From E.T. (who tells it like it is):

A few weeks ago I got a message from a man who said I wasn't much of a publisher. I thought that just involved buying software from time to time and taking writers to lunch since that's what they tell me but if someone wants my thoughts I'll give you some.

I saw a post that this blog hurts grieving families, I suppose by writing about the crimes of murder. So just how does that work? I'll look at some recent blogs.

Tommy Arthur - His first victim was in 1977. Some of our writers were still in school. I was in Alaska in the military. How are we responsible for this family's grief? Troy Wicker who came later? Ditto the school thing for some. How does this blog cause grief for these families? 

Christie Scott - Yeah, we caused all her actions. Not sure how it works but it must be true if even one reader says so. Probably everyone who writes here would have taken her little boy and raised him. How are we responsible for his death?

Erica Fox - She hasn't even come to trial and she's playing the abused wife card. Yeah, let's not mention her affairs. That might just get her convicted of her crimes and no one would want that. Especially since this blog is responsible for her husband's death and his family's grief.

Ron Weems - I saw someone mention how this blog commented on his victim's death several times. They didn't mention that her aunt asked us to. No, why let facts get in the way of some good criticism? 

While we're commenting on this blog, its not connected to any news sites in the area, unless you count some advertising sales. Don't blame us for what the three sites publish and don't blame them for what we write here. And to a certain little effeminate twerp, please learn the difference between a forum, blog, and news site. 

And no, I didn't leave here in 2010 when three writers did. But you don't seem to care who's who. If you do, contact me and I'll fill you in.



No, no one is responsible for the grief of any families except for the individual(s) who took their loved one's lives. These families can look the other way or they can demand justice...and that means a messy trial in most cases. 

We have never understood the philosophy of simply looking the other way. How does that improve society? We've never had anyone answer that question. 


  1. Looking the other way does NOT improve society, for we ALL have learned at some point that things ALWAYS have a way of coming out. IE. Grant campbells psychotic history swept under rug to protect his and families image. Also sometimes it it thier own loved ones that cause thier own grief but blame is easier to assign.

  2. The ones who objected to your blog on Erica Fox are the ones who want to see her get off or are just looking for a complaint. No one takes them seriously.

    1. We're not sure why they want to cover up her affairs, but if they do, yes, she will get off with only a few years.