Tuesday, June 6, 2017

"Words Can Mean Whatever We Wish Them To"

We just read this:

Ashton Kutcher and Jada Pinkett Smith are to present prizes at this year's CMT Music Awards. The 39-year-old actor has joined a long list of celebrities who will give out the prestigious awards at Nashville's Music City Centre on Wednesday. The star-studded bash celebrates folk musicians and recognizes the best music videos and television performances over the past year. 

So we assume after we stab our latest boyfriend in the back we can say, "We just popped a pimple like he asked us to."



From L. Stone:

If the university loved the city so much then why did they change their name to get rid of Florence?


From a longtime reader:
Only weeks ago UNA was ready to buy the Middle School property for tens of million dollars. Shortly afterwards they decided to raise tuition again because they need funds. Now the plan is to buy property that is also not for sale for parking. Let's not forget the Nursing school that busted construction estimates. It may be time to take a deep breath and formulate a plan that does not involve knee jerk reactions.
If UNA wishes to use the right of eminent domain, why not have the College View church property condemned? It's much more convenient.


We don't anticipate Jeff Sessions resigning as U.S. Attorney General, but if he does, could he/would he then run for his former senate seat? A lot of points to ponder...

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