Monday, June 5, 2017

Special: No Room for Violence Against Women Here

We have three rules here for posting comments, either directly to our blog or to our Facebook page:

1. No cursing/profanity/vulgarity/dirty words - Pretty would think.

2. No libelous statements - Do not accuse anyone of anything illegal, immoral, etc., especially a private person. Sure you can say Donald Trump is a pathetic president or Hillary Clinton is sorry excuse for a human being. What you can't say is Baptist deacon Ebineezer Lebowski is doing his housekeeper. 

3. Do not incite or condone any violence, especially against women, children, infirm, etc. 

How often have we had to deal with number three? We did once have a woman blame a four year-old girl for seducing her boyfriend. Yes, really.

Now to the point of this special post:

About ten months ago, a man on probation for domestic violence was arrested in it was the umpteenth time Ryan Kent Pollard was charged with abusing a woman. A local news site published a comprehensive article about Pollard and what he had done to his victims and we linked it. We know that Pollard knew of the article when he was finally released from jail since we were forwarded a humorous story about it. He told his (then) latest misguided conquest that the only arrest he had ever had was for marijuana and he was borrowing money from his family to sue the news site. And, yes, this poor woman naively believed him.

Apparently one of the victims in this article just found it and wanted to add some more tales of violence at the hands of Ryan Kent Pollard, as well as enumerating more victims. (We've lost count.) Pollard followed her here, and it wasn't pretty. 

We have banned Ryan Kent Pollard and will be calling his probation officer, assuming he's still on paper. We doubt that it will do any good. We doubt it will stop some unsuspecting woman from believing his lies. All we can do is try.

And what do we have to say to Ryan Kent Pollard, abuser of women? If we said that, we would be breaking our rule number one.

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