Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Has Inspiration Landing Gone Pfft?!!!

Has the Curse of Yellow Creek struck again? It seems there have been dramatic changes with Sheffield and the Inspiration Landing project, and we'll be the first to say that we have no idea what they may mean. Is the project first broached in late 2015 now dead in the water?

As of yesterday (at least) the office that served as an operations center for John Elkington's project is closed. What view that's available into the office on Montgomery Avenue indicates the mass removal of office furniture...and we say "what view" since most of the windows are covered with a drapery or sheet. Since there's no sign to direct visitors to a new location, we may safely assume there isn't one.

We've begun our inquiries, and two Sheffield insiders say they're not surprised. We do know that Elkington was here in May to hobnob with Kiefer Sutherland; our friend from Memphis seems to like that aspect of his chosen role in project development life. 

Is there a possible innocent explanation? We assume there could be. We also assume those who are touting the project will soon offer one. Elkington has continued to promise May 2018 as the opening of phase one - an amphitheatre. While construction for such an endeavor would be minimal, has anyone seen any signs of work at the proposed location? Or are we ostensibly still awaiting environmental approval? Has said approval fallen through?

We welcome comments from any in the know...

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