Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Rider's Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts
By:  The Midnight Rider

I got this from Shoalanda Speaks:
We've had some questions about the Midnight Rider. We've been in touch, and he's been under the weather, but is slowly recovering.  

All the best from his many readers who miss him!
First I want to thank the readers for asking about me.  I have had an extended illness but am getting better.  This time of the year, we are gathering the cattle from the back 40, which is keeping me busy. 
But, I have had some random thoughts:

-Spring Park.  Recently there was an incident with the roller coaster in the park where some young buckaroos were caught at the top of the ride.  Rumor has it that maybe the situation wasn’t handled correctly by the operator of the roller coaster.  I have to give kudos to Mayor Bubba Underwood for conducting an investigation as well as getting information about the roller coaster to make it a safer ride for the youngins’.
-Inspiration Landing.  Well this is supposed to save the City of Sheffield.  But there is no construction yet.  The developer has closed his office on Montgomery Ave but the first phase was supposed to be going in 2018.  Now I am not a contractor but I have built a barn or two before.  I am not seeing this happening by 2018.
-Sheffield Police Dept.  Again, it is a revolving door.  The police Department have lost two good officers within a month to Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department.  When is the City Council going to realize what is going on?
Domestic Violence at UNA.  Can you believe that there is Domestic Violence at UNA?  I have news for you, there has been for a long time.  I know for a fact that when I was attending school there that a football player was arrested twice for Domestic Violence but the University decided that they did not want to prosecute.  That says a lot about the University.
That is it for now.  Always remember, the Rider will turn up where you never expect him.  I’ll be around.   
Until next time…..

I am and always will be, the Midnight Rider.


Thanks to the Midnight Rider for stopping by. We hope he makes it around this way again soon. 

His thoughts on Inspiration Landing? We consider them spot on! So far we've not had one of our readers who have inquired about the closing of the local office manage to get an answer from anyone. Interesting? 

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