Saturday, June 10, 2017

Bluewater Brewing Has Kidnapped "Andy Capp"

We would never have known of this intellectual theft if Florence-Lauderdale Tourism hadn't posted a picture of the back side of Bluewater Brewing. Was that the intention of Rob Carnegie? Did the president/ceo of this tourism group want to cause trouble for a competitor of a tourism board member?

No matter Carnegie's intentions, he did bring the theft to the attention of many who would otherwise never have known of the situation. We haven't driven by the back of the building ourselves, but there appears to be other similar characters which may be displayed illegally. 

Lest any think the cartoon strip Andy Capp is in public domain after all these years, it's the property of Creators' Syndicate in Hermosa Beach, California.


It hasn't been that many years since Hanna Barbera forced a small local chain of mini-marts to remove one of its characters from its advertising. We understand a veterinarian in a county adjacent to Lauderdale lost the Snoopy on his doghouse for similar reasons.

Many become rich due to their artwork. Others barely eke out a living from their characters. Do you really want to steal from them? 

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