Thursday, June 8, 2017

Another Accident on Paradise Drive

From Hank Thomas:

Paradise Drive saw another accident today. Three young ladies who were driving slow when they drove past my home, were drawn into a ravine when their Jeep would not brake on Paradise Drive due to loose gravel. The loose gravel made their Jeep continue to slide down a hill while they were trying to stop. 

They were very fortunate that the Jeep did not roll over and all were wearing their seat belts. The road right now is very dangerous. I tried today to pull a trailer up one of the hills and could not get enough traction to make the hill and then my SUV and trailer slid backwards down the hill while I attempted to get it stopped. I finally stopped braking and put my SUV in reverse to drive backwards down the hill. 

Someone not experienced on driving Paradise Drive could  have easily been in a ravine or ditch. I have copied Tom Smith of the Times Daily, Danny Pettus County Commission Chairman on this email . I also contacted the county road department by phone. We had a young man die because of neglect on this road in May of 2012. We need the road addressed before another death. Please let your voice be heard by calling the road department and your County Commissioner. West end Commissioners are Fay Parker and Joe Hackworth. 


Previously: Still No Action on Paradise Drive 

We understand the county took Paradise Drive into its system on the understanding that it would remain a gravel road. Did the county make a mistake? Yes, it was tantamount to adopting a damaged child. What are the county's obligations? There are legal responsibilities and moral responsibilities. We suggest the commissioners consider the latter.

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