Sunday, June 4, 2017

Lynn Greer Gets Called Out/Trademark Infringement?

It's official; the Alabama State Legislature will be getting sensitivity training. We highly suspect it will be comparable to the sexual ethics training of two hours required of new Alabama school teachers. 

Perhaps the most humorous thing about the TimesDaily article on the training was the specific mention of Lynn Greer who sent all of his fellow legislators an old story about monkeys. We've heard the old saw for years, usually in a religious context, but when Greer forwarded the version comparing our legislators to monkeys, he was quickly attacked.  

How do we feel? We wonder who cares what Lynn Greer says after his broken promise on addressing the Certificate of Need problem in this state. Whoever runs against Greer should drill that one home again and again. Doesn't anyone think it's extremely odd that Greer can apologize for a silly analogy, but can't apologize for failing to keep a campaign promise? 


We know of at least two local businesses over the years that were legally made to stop using copyrighted cartoon characters in their advertising. In other words, many know, those who need to make a living...take theft of their characters very seriously. 

Here's an interesting article on various problems, none local. Link

Is there a new local problem? Yes, stay tuned... 


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