Thursday, April 2, 2015

Calling Lynn Greer!

Yes, you, Lynn Greer. Where is your bill to revamp or eliminate the certificate of need laws? We're waiting. promised:


While some readers apparently consider Larry Stutts' recent behavior old news, yesterday the Montgomery Advertiser wished him gone from public in now. As political news goes, Montgomery's newspaper was once the most influential medium in the state. With the advent of the Internet, we won't make that blanket statement, but the Advertiser still has clout. It's going to be an interesting legislative session.


Scott Morris? Apparently he's been gone from the TD quite some time. The March 8th article we referenced was written by another Scott Morris (they've been confused before). The former editor is now with UNA...where we confused him with being the conservative Morris named Scott. Doesn't either one of them have a middle initial?


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