Sunday, April 19, 2015

What of Joe Wheeler Park?

So the state closes Joe Wheeler State Park, what happens to it?

1) It sits and rots/goes to scrub while the state awaits money to reopen it.

2) The state sells the land and improvements at auction.

Now this presents an interesting scenario. We do not believe DreamVision is locating here or anywhere else for that matter. We've had several bigwigs send us communications about this and all indicated a no-go. But what if...

From a reader (he stresses he is strictly speculating):

On the semi-hot topic (I realize it's frigid now but this is Bama) of the theme park....notice the odd announcement of fifteen-odd state parks on a potential closure list, and Wheeeler State Park noted among the fifteen?

Not that I would suggest such a thing....but maybe the game plan got shifted around and the real target of acquisition is become some theme park?

First, this announcement that Wheeler was pulling no profit to sustain itself.  With the golf course, lodge and can it not make a profit unless there's some loser team managing it or a lousy marketing scheme?  

Second, it's around 2,500 acres....way more than the 1,200 that the theme parks guys were talking about....which is way more potential.  

Third, it's right off highway 72 and within a fifty minute drive to Huntsville.  

Fourth, it's on the lake, with tons more potential for tourism.

So, my suggestion....since there's no action on the TVA property....maybe it's not the target and maybe Joe Wheeler is being arranged as a quick sell deal to these guys?

Just a humble suggestion.

Roy H.

We'll inject here that four days ago WHNT attempted to contact Bryan (Transparency) Robinson of Killen. He refused to return their phone calls.


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  1. The natural question to ask....what is Joe Wheeler worth.....if put on the market? 2,550 acres of prime property on the lake. A fairly well-noted golf least within a circle of 500 miles. A full-service marina with ample boat parking (said to be around 250 spots). 110 x RV parking sites. A decent convention center. A small number of walking and mountain bike trails, which could be easily doubled or tripled. Hotel, cabins, and picnic areas.

    If it were managed right, more cabins added, tripled up the mountain-bike trails and widely advertise the park as a adventure spot, and add boat-rentals onto the service add another 300 RV-parking spots, the business angle would really take off. This business strategy of the past twenty years has simply been to manage a nice quiet and small operation. It has tons of potential, and near enough to the interstate and the Huntsville Airport to make it very attractive. So, what's it worth? Ten million? Twenty million? Fifty million?