Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Jonathan Knight Termination/Misdemeanor Redux

Jonathan Knight Termination Statement Revised by Original Author:

Monday evening, Athletic Director Scott Basden called a “secret baseball” meeting with Superintendent Brian Lindsey, MSHS Principal Chad Holden & MSHS Head Baseball Coach Josh Fowler.  Basden instructed Josh Fowler to fire Head Coach Jonathan Knight for MSMS 7th & 8th grade Baseball,  immediately. If Fowler did not fire Knight, Fowler himself would be terminated.   Coach Knight had a winning season of 32-4 for 2015.  Knight has been head coach for the last 4 years and has made a huge impact on the Middle School baseball program.  Basden’s reason for Knight’s firing was “a parent approached him regarding a conflict of interest in Knight having a child on the Varsity Baseball team and him being a Middle School coach.  The majority of coaches at Muscle Shoals also have children in sports in the high school or middle school programs.  Baseball parents and players truly believe that Basden is penalizing Knight because his son is not playing Varsity Football this coming season.  Coach Knight has been fired with unjust cause!


From a Muscle Shoals reader:

Concerning Coach Knight and BOSS BASDEN's called "secret meeting". (who exactly is in charge in the school system?)

So let's figure out Basden's motives to get rid of a winning coach -------- because he has a son in sports?

head football coach and AD
son plays middle school football

Son's high school - he coaches his boys

has sons play football

has a son that plays football

has a son that plays football

COACH WOOD (assistant)
mommy is principal at elementary

COACH MIZE (assistant)
mommy is guidance counselor at high school

mommy is high school bookkeeper

Is that enough to make a point - or should I go on about the other 20 or so coaches and their personal entanglements at MSCS?

Coach Knight should think about going to Deshler or Florence - They love winners in all sports (the new coach at Deshler is going to give Basden a run for the money in recruiting. Basden might have met his match)

Hide those rings Derrick Gargis!!!!!  Getting rid of a coach with a record of 32-4 should be alarming to you with those state championships under your belt..


While we realize we will never satisfy some critics on some issues, we will again try to explain to JT our misdemeanor policy in this statement: A misdemeanor in and of itself does not make a public personage. A felony, in our opinion would, and does in this blog. Did we express ourselves in the most understandable manner concerning the Lauderdale County man's arrest. No. But did we lie? No.


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  1. Concerned Parent:
    My daughter has been talking about "Coach Mize" all year and I just now realized WHO she is talking about! He is 20ish years old and is about to be a baby daddy! And, WHY are we calling him COACH? Is he getting a SALARY from the school for this faux coaching position that will surely turn into a real coaching position if he can graduate from college??? And, WHY are all the high school girls crushing on him? Sounds like we need to hide our girls from him, our boys too so they will not think that we parents are advocating knocking up your girlfriend! Mize and Woods graduated from MSHS only a few years ago. They are not old enough to be in a position of authority over high school aged students. My oldest child says that in high school, Mize used to brag about being with 2 different girls in the same day! Now that is something we want our youth to aspire to accomplish....NOT! I can't believe the leaders of the school think this is ok!! Yet again, it's not who you are, but who you know!! I guess Mize is following in his mom's footsteps....in more ways than one!