Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Larry Stutts v. Derek Logue

Larry Stutts, Republican state senator from Colbert County, has been in the state news twice in the past 24 hours. Five other Republicans disagree with Stutts' assertion that they knew about Rose Church. We're sure more is to follow on this situation.

The second news item is the one we're most bemused about. It seems that Stutts is introducing a bill to add minors who commit sex crimes against other minors to the sex offender registry. Opposition? Yes, that would come from Derek (the Rogue) Logue, formerly of Sheffield and currently on the registry for the crime of First Degree Rape.

Logue may no longer live in Alabama, but he is, in his own words, lobbying against this bill. That in itself should be enough to make it pass.

If you came in late: Derek Warren Logue

Logue is wrong that the registry is pointless. It's still very needed. What the registry does need is a tiered system...like the one in Ohio where he currently lives and which has labeled him a sexual predator. Then there would be no problem distinguishing those who commit Second Degree Rape from those who commit the crime in the First Degree...like Logue.


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  1. Logue is a pathetic narcissist who spends his days attempting to be relevant to the human species.