Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Coaches & Corrections

First on the coaching front, we've been asked the status of former Muscle Shoals baseball coach Jonathan Knight. We have no new info, but several contacts have pointed in the direction of Florence High for the popular coach. We wish him the best.

Is Josh Fowler leaving as well? We hear Deshler is calling.


Now, from a reader:

Concerning Brenda Mayes departure from MSHS as women’s volleyball and basketball head coach, we’d like to know how her salary compared with that of head football coach Scott Basden. Basden makes $97,000(+) of reported income and hasn’t won a state championship. Mayes, on the other hand, has won several state championships. Under Title IX rules, shouldn’t Coach Mayes salary be equivalent to or exceed that of football coach Scott Basden. Merit does mean something, doesn’t it. Do we smell another lawsuit coming? When we say the word “equality”, do we really believe there is such an animal that exists. Just a little food for thought for those upper crusted individuals in Muscle Shoals.

We have no figures on this, but before anyone looks up salaries and hopes to make a point, consider the same accusation was made against UNA a few months ago. According to athletic director Mark Linder it's comparing apples and oranges since boys' sports bring in more revenue than the girls' and football brings in much more revenue than basketball. If anyone does pursue this, we'll be happy to publish their findings.


We also want to correct some misinformation from a reader concerning Coach Tracey Montgomery. She has no son in the Muscle Shoals school system, just two lovely daughters.


If you missed our big mistake two days ago, the Will Powell family wants everyone to know they are Republicans...not Democrats. The Lauderdale race to succeed circuit Judge Mike Jones should be one of the more interesting.


Small town politics are always interesting. In case you haven't heard:


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