Friday, April 10, 2015

Remembering Judge James Hall II

We once read the obituary of a long-gone ancestor. In terms considered florid today, the short article noted the gentleman was one possessed of many friends and few enemies. In our youth, we found that an odd saying; why did this ancestor have any enemies? Sadly, everyone has enemies, and we're sure Judge James Hall was no exception. We're more sure that he had a multitude of friends who will miss him all the days of their lives and smile when they think of him.

It's truly hard to find an honest man, a man who places principal before pecuniary gain. Judge Hall was such a man and was a tremendous asset to Lauderdale County. He cannot be replaced. His friends and family are now diminished, but his memory will live on...rightly so.


We cannot comprehend the enormity of the actions of some who wave a banner of righteousness while promoting evil at every turn. One such family comes to mind today. Judge Hall fought for what was right, and this despicable group of cretins reviled him for it. Most regular readers know of whom we speak. Some ask why we even mention this sociopath and his conglomeration of enablers at this point. Indeed, why? They are now known for their true selves while Judge Hall was not diminished by their libelous statements. Nevertheless, we're sure they're sitting in various settings today feeling persecuted. Feel sorry for them? No, we don't.


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