Friday, April 3, 2015

Time for a Change in Tuscumbia's Spring Park

Some thoughts from a Tuscumbia reader:

I love Spring Park and what I am seeing is a great disappointment to me. On a beautiful day, I enjoy going to Spring Park, watching the people enjoy the park and reading the newspaper. I have noticed the waterfall is not working again.. I was expecting to see another article in the paper where the Recreational Director would describe how the muskrats ate the wires. I guess that only works one time. It seems the waterfall is broken about as much as it is working.

I watched the train operate with only three cars for the entire year. I asked where the other cars were. I was told that they are in the station in bad need of repairs and have been since the end of the season two years ago.

I never thought I would see the carousel in the condition that it was in last year. The outside horses were showing a lot of wear with paint flaking off. The plywood deck had holes through it to the point that you could see the ground. Where is the music? I miss hearing the music with the carousel. I have not heard for two years.

I noticed the roller coaster not operating last year. The first time I inquired as to why,I was told there were not enough people to operate all the rides. The next time I asked, I was told it was in need of repairs.

One day while I was parked the near the splash pad I saw a woman open the door to the bathroom and noticed the door had holes rusted in it. It is easy to see all the missing boards on the railroad bridge with the leaves off the trees. To anyone who rides the train or uses the bridge for pictures, this is an embarrassment.

We have the most beautiful park. I do no understand why it can not be taken care of. How are the city officials allowing such an atrocity? If the city can not take care of the park then I think it is time we find someone who can.

And a follow up:

It was a beautiful day Sunday March 15, 2015, so I went to Spring Park. The waterfall was not working, the fountain was not working, nor was the water wheel turning. I had heard that the Park and Recreation Director told the City Council he would work on the railroad bridge in the off season. One quick look you could see that this did not happen. Even the rusted door on the women's bathroom had not been replaced.

I came to the rides and only the train was operating. There were only three cars on the train so I assume that what needed repairs on the others ones have not taken place. The carousel did not even have the horses on it.

Due to safety concerns, the roller coaster was not operating. This is the same safety problem the coaster had back in September. When questioned about this problem by the City Council, the Park and Recreation Director said it had been taken care of. Obviously it had not, even after six months.

The Park had advertised as opening on the first weekend of March. This was the third Sunday (March 15, 2015) and it is not ready. This is the Park and Recreation Director's second year in total control of the rides and the second consecutive year it was not ready.

Mr. Robbins managed a first class operation in Spring Park. He would have had everything ready no matter what the weather. Since the rides have been given to the City, the park has become a second class operation. I can not foresee any major changes nor improvements for the Park in the near future especially with the lack of accountability of the Park and Recreation Director's action or lack of actions by the Mayor. I believe it is time for a change.


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Why has the park fallen into disrepair? Surely the city and the park department have not let this happen intentionally. So that leaves the most likely cause a lack of money.

We discussed this with an "old Tuscumbian" some time ago. His opinion, and we believe it is a learned one, is that the train itself could financially support the entire park...if it were handled correctly. So why isn't it?

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