Friday, April 17, 2015

Phil Bates: He Can't Teach, But He Can Coach?

Most of us are familiar with ACT; we took this test to get into college. In the world of 21st Century education, ACT also provides the Aspire Program. From their website:

ACT Aspire and the ACT measure student development of knowledge and skills in the same academic areas from grades 3 through 12. The scores from these assessments can help educators monitor students’ academic growth over time. ACT Aspire maps learner progress from grades three through high school on a vertical scale, anchored to the scoring system of the ACT.

Phil Bates, a UNA grad who has coached at Deshler and now at Colbert County High School, teaches world history at Colbert Heights High School. He recently administered an ACT Aspire test. Such administration is also called proctoring and comes with certain rules and restrictions. Among these is a prohibition against electronic devices. In other words, even the proctor can't possess any devices connected to the Internet, or even a calculator. Those we know who have taken such tests for advanced certifications tell us that they have been required to remove their wrist watches. In other words, any possible means of cheating is highly frowned upon.

Bates obviously knew this, yet he...what? We're guessing checked his smart phone for messages, ball scores, important phone calls (hey, maybe the Braves would be in desperate need of a new coach that day).

Anthony Olivis
So now he's suspended by Supt. Anthony Olivis for ten days...oh, and the county school board was not informed until after the suspension. Wait, he's suspended only from teaching history. He still gets to coach. There's a play-off going on right now; what a coincidence.

We're not surprised at the limited nature of his suspension. What we would love to know is who reported Bates. Someone obviously entered the testing/class room, or was at least passing by an open door, and saw Bates engrossed in some frenzy of electronic activity...or was it one of the students?

Rules are rules. Will the test have to be given over at school expense? Will the board investigate further? Will Anthony Olivis issue any more imperial commands? Stay tuned for the next episode of Colbert Heights Turns the Stomach.


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