Monday, April 13, 2015

Tuscumbia Employee Salutes Park Patron?

The TimeDaily recently offered us its version of muskrat, hate, but muskrats and the light show at Spring Park aside, there seem to be many problems with the park that are being glossed over. We're publishing a new guest editorial today; it's accompanied by photos, so we can say that most of this is documented. Did a City of Tuscumbia employee direct an obscene gesture at our writer? If any employees wish to make a rebuttal, they are always welcome.

From our guest editorialist:

We had an article on muskrats in the newspaper on March 22, where the rec. director told the public, "creek will most likely be down for two weeks" After a period of three weeks, we get another lesson on muskrats, where we are informed that it will take another two to three weeks for repairs to be completed. Again all blame was on the muskrats Might I assume from this that if the rec. director fails to have it ready in two more weeks, we will get another article on muskrats, and how we are having FEW complaints. 

The nice picture in the newspaper shows three people working while the rec. director watches I have been in Spring Park most every day this last month, and have seen the rec. director there only three times, never helping.

Saturday`s newspaper says, "Kendrick said that the other park rides , including the carousel, small roller coaster, and train are up and running. For the most part, we`re full steam ahead right now." The truth is the train is in operational condition only with three cars, The other three are inside in shambles, being used for PARTS.

The huge drive wheels are not on the engine and have not been for three years. The railroad bridge is a total embarrassment from missing boards and the crossing gates are not working properly.

The park was scheduled to open the first weekend in March. Six weeks later the lights on the carousel STILL are not working, still no music. I think I can say that the lights, or lack thereof, is not a muskrat problem. {management, maybe?} It also safe to say that the rusted bathroom door is not muskrat related.

The rec. director believes that the waterfall will be repaired "by the time the light show repairs are done" I suppose TWO to THREE weeks? Now if our rec. director is proud of his part in this, and willing to say the rides are up and running," and for the most part are full steam ahead", we may have an understanding as to why things are in the shape they are.

PS= I was siting in my truck today, enjoying the scenery, when I received an obscene hand gesture from the engineer and conductor. CLASS?


On the bright side in Tuscumbia, we believe that city has the honor of having the most adept police chief. We understand there may be some news in the Elbert Farley Davis Jr. murder investigation in the immediate future. Prayers for Chief Logan and all involved in bringing this murderer to justice.


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