Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Who (or Where) Is the Tuscumbia Fire Chief?

The website for the City of Tuscumbia lists David Cole as the fire chief. According to our sources, Chief Cole has been on medical leave since last fall. He is reportedly suffering lung problems related to diesel exhaust. Stanley Nall is the acting chief.

In 2012, Cole unsuccessfully ran for mayor against Billy Shoemaker. In other words, he's a past and potentially future fixture in city politics. Until recently, many assumed Cole was about to retire. Now many are speculating he will take over a very troubled aspect of Tuscumbia...the Park Department.

Why is this really big news? It seems a Tuscumbia Fire Department employee filed a grievance against Cole last fall, accusing him of assault. The employee agreed not to pursue charges when told that the chief would be retiring for "medical reasons."

Confused yet? Just think how the muskrats feel. They have no idea whom to root for.


The "Muskrat Ramble" by Kid Ory who composed the classic jazz piece:


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