Saturday, April 18, 2015

Our Friend Jim Smith Sure is Popular!

We recently linked some books by local authors, one of them Jim Smith's Walk Through Town. This lovely memoir of his youth is described as:

Walk Through Town is a delightful recollection from Jim Smith's youth. Revisit a small town (Tuscumbia) located in North Alabama and the memories of a ten year old boy who once walked the streets of this small town. This title is well worth reading for all ages.

At the time we posted the link, Amazon was out of new copies, The famous bookseller's used price started at 47.00 at that time. Jim has contacted us about the availability of his work; it's at Coldwater Books in Tuscumbia. We should also have an update on purchasing directly from Jim in a few days.

Want a used one from Amazon? As of today, you'll have to pay anywhere from 291.00 to 362.00! We suggest you try Coldwater first.


From L. Stone:

For the fine dining in Sheffield department:

I was at the checkout today in Harbor Freight. I noticed that a woman behind me had one of the electric fly swatters. She was looking at it skeptically when I told her that I got one and it worked well. I explained that I use it for destructive carpenter wasps (which many here call bumble bees). She said she was interested after seeing the owner using one to get flies in a Chinese buffet in Sheffield. I regret not asking the name.
Electronic Fly Swatter


Is this the greatest love song? One of our readers thinks it just might be:


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  1. Thanks for the listing. Book is available for $10.00 plus shipping $2.50.