Wednesday, April 1, 2015

TotallyDecatur Has A New Editor!

There's a new editor in town. Gary Maitland is now the head editorial honcho at Shelton Publishing's local branch of the TotallyDecatur. So where's Scott Morris?

Morris' last appearance in the TD seems to be on March 8th. Since that time, he's been missing in action. Considering how often the New York Times group changed editors, Morris had a long run. Was he liberal? Yes, but we thought he was usually fair and had no hidden agendas.

How long will Maitland stay? He came from the Miami area; he may not last one winter here...


Want to contact anyone at the TD? Here's the link:


We had one reader who seemed upset that anyone cared about the kill rate in local shelters. Why? There are fetuses being aborted every day. 

Fair enough. The next time he takes a member of his family to the emergency room for a broken bone perhaps someone will tell him they choose to do nothing since they can't cure patients with terminal cancer.


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