Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Battle of Wills?

Will Powell
Errata: We received our info from a member of the local Democratic Party. Apparently Powell is also running as a Republican. Apologies to Will. Any Dems out there?

Will it be Republican Will Motlow v. Democrat Will Powell for the circuit judgeship in Lauderdale County? It's too early in the game to say, but that's a good possibility at this point. We hear only good things about both attorneys. Party shouldn't matter in this election; the electorate needs to select the better man for the job.

Why is ADA Powell running as a Dem? His bio in today's TimesDaily says it all. His father was an iron worker, meaning union, meaning Democrat to most union members. The joke used to be that union officials would follow Shoals workers into the curtained booth to make sure they pulled the right lever. Those days are over, thankfully, but some ideologies die hard.

And what of Mike Jones' legacy? If we have one criticism, it's of his sketchy policy on recusals. Jurists should avoid all appearance of evil. We'll be very interested in Motlow and Powell's policy on when such action would be needed in their court.


How much does your school's football coach make? It seems ten Alabama coaches in the public school arena bring in 100K or more each year. Who are they? Here's a very interesting slide show from There's one Shoals coach in the mix, but it might not be who most readers will think...


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