Saturday, April 4, 2015

More Thoughts on Spring Park (Any News of Missing Money?)

First, we have received an extremely good comment on the current management at Spring Park in Tuscumbia which we cannot publish due to some references to employees' personal lives. Here is an edited version of the comment:

Fact: The Robbins family always had the park rides promptly ready for each Spring.
Fact: The Robbins family turned over the rides to the City of Tuscumbia. Also Tuscumbia acquired (hired) Mr. McWilliams who oversaw the rides under the Robbins Family. Mr. McWilliams oversaw the rides since they were brought to Spring Park.
Fact: The Park Director (Mr. Kendrick) terminated Mr. McWilliams.
Fact: Money missing from Tuscumbia Parks & Recreation Department. ($2,000)
Fact: Tuscumbia Police investigating (still?!?)
Fact: Spring Park began to deteriorate after Mr. McWilliams was no longer overseeing the park rides.
Fact: For the past few years the Times Daily will quote Tuscumbia’s Park Director, Mr. Kendrick, with blaming the broken/run-down park conditions on either the muskrats, vandals, flooding, or etc.
Fact: The Major knows that Mr. Kendrick is doing a poor job but NEVER does anything about it!


From L. Stone:

I saw the post about the Tuscumbia Park and that made me think of the depot museum. I hope the same fate doesn't await Tuscumbia's depot as what happened in Huntsville. The Huntsville depot was supposed to be a full railroad museum, complete with operating railroad equipment. A roundhouse was built so equipment could be repaired. The local railroad club (that started in Sheffield but moved to Huntsville) was involved from the start of this. Eventually the city kicked the club out, and the club bought their own property and railroad and ran rides near Alabama A&M. (There is plenty of blame to go around on that, both for the city and the club.)

For many years the roundhouse has been used as an event facility, basically a big building where you can have parties. This year the depot, the heart of the museum, was closed for renovation. Shortly before it reopened there was a surprise announcement that when it reopens it will only be available as an event facility. The days of the depot being a museum facility are gone. As an explanation, the people that run it said that it was already available for events, and it was too much trouble taking down and putting up museum items before and after events so they decided to just do away with the museum portion of the museum.


Meanwhile, one of our bloggers gets his family ready for tomorrow:


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