Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ryan Anthony Allen Gets 15 Years for "Worst Case of Child Abuse"

This is Ryan Anthony Allen in a selfie taken last month:

He doesn't seem too concerned about anything, does he? Well, we bet he is now.

This is Noah Pounders, the two-month old child Ryan Allen abused until it was doubtful he would live:

Ryan has claimed he was in a relationship with the child's mother; the mother says he was simply watching the child. Tony Logan says it was the “worst case of child abuse he had ever seen."

Now Allen has taken a plea which netted him a 15 year sentence on a Class B Felony. In other words, if he's good, he'll complete his sentence in five years and be eligible for parole in as little as 20 months. Noah Pounders is forced to endure a life sentence of brain injuries that can't completely be cured.

We'll publish Allen's AIS# and other data when it's available.

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Trivia for the day: Anyone remember who Jackie Coogan was? A little known fact from his early adulthood was that he took part in the lynching of the kidnapper/murderers of his best friend, an LA department store heir.

It's not for us to say what some miscreants deserve, but thoughts do cross our mind...


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