Saturday, April 11, 2015

Pettus & Greer Now Want to Steal Votes Statewide

We've had several reports of flying pigs the past few days, but how can that compare to the realization that Marcel Black...we say Marcel the most intelligent representative the Shoals seems to have at this moment?

Now Phillip Pettus, R-Greenhill, wants to steal not only Florence's vote, but the votes of Sheffield, Tuscumbia, Muscle Shoals, and God & a computer system only know how many other towns. First, Pettus has failed to find one Lauderdale County resident to come forward to support his hare-brained scheme. Wouldn't just one contact the TimesDaily, contact us, contact "You Said It," contact a local forum? So far no one has.

And Pettus' cohort in thievery Lynn Greer? He recently said this: If you’re going to represent the county, you ought to be out in the county. How hard is it for Greer or anyone else to understand that Florence is in the county? If he's referring to an incorporated area, he needs to consider Killen, Rogersville, Anderson, Lexington, and Waterloo. What if Florence could keep all its tax dollars? That's looking pretty good to us at this point. Surely Muscle Shoals would want to keep all theirs as more bailing out Anthony Olivis over his newest lawsuit.

And what does Pettus himself say of his first attempt at robbing Florence voters? "It ain’t dead, but it isn’t going anywhere right now, so this (new bill) is statewide.”

It "ain't?" Is Pettus that ill-educated or does he think that makes him sound folksy? We have news: It makes him sound like some stereotype from Saturday Night Live, not like a man who wishes to have the trust of those he purports to serve. We firmly believe that everyone is entitled to make mistakes, but we also believe our representatives should be doing the very best they can. If this is Pettus' best, he is an embarrassment to our area.


Some other brilliant bills now attempting to make their way to passage in the state legislature:

No bids required? Public Work Projects

How about the Fetal Heartbeat Bill? Terri Collins of Decatur says she wants to educate women (and presumably a few males as well) about the horrors of abortion even if it means lawsuits against the state that will rob funding for those children already here.

We've mentioned this crazy thought before, but why not fund education on birth control and even...shudder...abstinence? No pregnancies mean no need for abortions under most circumstances.


Another wild and crazy idea of ours is to promote neutering of companion animals. Fewer animals means the need for fewer animal control officers. Here are some statistics: Cost Savings from Spay/Neuter Programs.

The day we see our legislature address that? We'll have the flying pigs image ready to post.


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