Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Larry Stutts Wants Every Medical Law Reviewed?

From the Alabama Political Reporter: Now, as a legislator, he (Larry Stutts) says he wants to review every health law in the State, in the same way he has the two he hopes to repeal.

Regular readers know we think much legislation in this state is unneeded. Just look at our take on mandatory football at UAB. When our state legislators introduce such bills we usually think "What a maroon!"

We have no idea how many medically inspired laws are on the books in this state, but Larry Stutts wants to review all of them? He thinks he's qualified? At a banquet, we once heard a woman ask a shrink a heart-related question. The good doc just laughed and asked her if she knew how long it had been since he was in medical school and studied any cardiology. Yet, an OB/GYN is qualified to review all our medical laws?

Why doesn't Larry Stutts start with the repeal of the certificate of need law? Perhaps because for many years he was head of Labor & Delivery at Keller, that wonderful entity so intent on refusing Lauderdale citizens a new hospital?

We have no doubt that for every former patient of Dr. Stutts who despises the man, there are an equal number who just love him to death. That's the way life works. Our concerns about Stutts are centered on his ability to legislate needed laws in Alabama. There is also such a thing as avoiding the appearance of evil or impropriety. Stutts failed to do that when he did not relate the origins of the bill he sought to have repealed.


So, how about it Dr. Stutts? Repeal our certificate of need law. Tell us how you think the citizens of Lauderdale County have been treated by Keller. We're waiting...


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