Sunday, March 8, 2015

Those Sheffield Railroad Track Blues

Having lived over 97 and one half years, we've found some things never change, particularly if change is needed. The Sheffield railroad crossing is one of them. From a reader:

I sat at the Montgomery Ave crossing for OVER 30 minutes yesterday while a train sat STOPPED on the tracks, just shy of allowing the gates' sensor to trip and allow them to raise. At least 30 vehicles opted to drive around the downed gates. I called Colbert E911 regarding the dangerous (an illegal) activity and requested an officer. One lone Sheffield police car drove by, but didn't stop. I called Colbert E911 again, once again requesting an officer. I was informed that 'Sheffield PD was aware of the situation', and was also told that 'there is nothing we (Colbert E911) can do.' That's a load of horse manure. As a former LEO,I know for a fact that all E911s have the contact numbers for rail services operating within their jurisdictions. BTDT shortly after '9/11' when a train hauling tanker cars inexplicably stopped in my town, blocking all of the rail crossings. My dispatch center called CRX and made an inquiry. In less than 5 minutes, the train was moving. Why didn't Colbert E911 THINK to call the rail line and inquire as to WHY the train was stopped?


Another unchanging activity is driving with no signals. From the same reader:

Having been an LEO for a number of years, one of my BIGGEST 'pet peeves' are LEOs and other municipal employees that are seemingly ignorant of traffic laws. Examples: Yesterday I witnessed a Sheffield police officer and one Florence/Lauderdale Co. EMA employee failing to signal their turns, lane changes, etc. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for such, EXCEPT when responding to (with lights and/or lights and siren) an emergency call. The Sheffield officer was returning to the Police Department and the EMA worker to the Lauderdale Co. courthouse.


Finally from the same reader:

WITHOUT the 2nd Amendment, and law-abiding gun owners like me, there would be NO 1st Amendment. I'll be glad to debate it with any dissenter.

For those who missed our comment yesterday, Lauderdale County commissioner Fay Parker mentioned abortion and gun ownership in the same breath; we've simply always found this an odd combination....


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  1. Gov Jim Folsom offered funds to build an overpass in Sheffield and the mayor of Sheffield said they didn't need one. Wonder what the cost now compared to then is?