Sunday, March 1, 2015

Update on Jason Dewayne Green Sentencing

Looking at two domestic violence deaths today, let's start with Jason Dewayne Green. His sentencing is to be April 7th. Green, by reason of his plea, cannot be sentenced to more than 19 years and 364 days--in other words, just one day short of 20 years. Green anticipates more correctional incentive time, we're told; however, all laws we've found indicate that 15 years is the plateau that excludes CIT.

Judge Terry Dempsey may offer Green a much shorter sentence; his track record is certainly sketchy in such cases. Green may also hope for early parole. Remember, just signing a deal for a sentence doesn't mean he cannot ask for parole or other considerations.


James Travis Murks
We understand that Kimberly Johnson had three sons (we had reported two yesterday). Our sincere sympathies to all her family.

We have always been told that the State of Tennessee is much sterner on murder cases than Alabama. If James Travis Murks had been arrested in Alabama, he would have been charged with Felony Murder. In Tennessee, he's charged with First Degree Murder and eligible for the death penalty or Life Without. Let's hope prosecutors can make this charge stick.


Wes Akin
We recently asked a legal eagle friend of ours to clarify the drug trafficking laws in Alabama concerning synthetic drugs which were not originally addressed in the Alabama Code. Since this question was asked specifically about the major drug bust which included John Wesley Akin, our friend inferred he was convicted under the "Trafficking Enterprise" act. A reader has questioned this since Akin received a 17 year sentence rather than 25 for his Morgan County trafficking charge.

It will be extremely interesting to see the results of his Lauderdale County case. Was he a "kingpin?" This appellation was given him by the Morgan County authorities who initially arrested him. Our personal take would be more middle management, but we're sure the Morgan cops got a thrill out of using the term kingpin.


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