Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Are Rogersville & St. Florian Selling Alcohol Illeally?

Since the courts ruled the law under which these cities went wet was improperly worded, they could be. Sen. Paul Sanford of Huntsville has just introduced a bill to re-legalize these sales in which the wording is not suspect. No word on whether new wet/dry elections will be held, but most legal eagles are saying that will be a necessity to restore these sales legally.


What happens the first Wednesday in November in even numbered years? New political campaigns begin to ramp up. We've begun to receive e-mails from some proposed 2016 candidates. We suggest the Lauderdale school board race will be one to watch locally.


Our photo yesterday? Yes, it was John Dillenger acting palsy walsy with the Indiana district attorney who was about to prosecute him. The DA was not re-elected.

Yep, 2016 will be very interesting.


Hershel Graham, convicted killer of David Andrasik, has been moved to the Kilby Infirmary. Guess there's no one around to take pics of him shopping at Walmart. So basically Graham may lie in bed all day--nice work if you can get it.


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  1. I'm just many ways are there to say "wet" and "dry"? Either you can sell booze, or you can't.....or am I missing something? This isn't rocket science, you know.