Friday, March 13, 2015

Local Obits? Try the Quad-Cities Daily

The TimesDaily obituary policy has changed. From a very disgruntled reader:

Now, if I want to view an obituary in the freaking Times Daily online, each obit. counts as ONE of the NINE articles I am allowed to read per month!!! Is this fair? I have no interest in subscribing to their newspaper, but a lot of people I know in the Shoals and really care about deeply have died, are dying, and will die, conjugate away. IF the family pays for an obit., why does the website penalize me for reading it? I am beyond aghast at this extremely punitive new policy, if it is not just a site glitch ( what are the chances?) I just thought you should know about this new form of oozing slime. All for the money, honey.

We suggest the Quad-Cities Daily for obits and birth announcements. BTW, Shoalanda just found out via the local gossip hags that she's married to Steven Wiggins...not sure how to break it to Sheri.


DreamVision? From a reader:

From what I have been told by 'insiders' on the project, the 'funding' IS there, with several U.S. billionaires purportedly backing the project. AS for 'support': This could be a reference to convincing area residents that the proposed park is a GOOD thing, rather than to allow nay-sayers to continue to bad mouth something that could bring renewed prosperity and opportunities to the area. Far too many area residents view ANY change as negative.

We await DV's next move.


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  1. TimesDaily obits are still free to read. They do not count against your 9 free articles. Check it out at