Friday, March 27, 2015

The Role of Off-Duty Police?

We've received several comments concerning police officers working in a private setting while wearing their uniforms. For those who can not only read, but read with some degree of comprehension and understanding, you will note that we asked in a previous blog if the Muscle Shoals Police who patrol the Highland Park Baptist Church area could be such hired guns. Those who have contacted us say this is the case.

We're pretty sure this is also the case with other events in the area pertaining to sports, the university, etc. It does raise some questions of liability; however, we hope none of the officers will ever feel the need to shoot anyone while patrolling a church service or similar event. The following is an interesting read:


We see Alabama's latest redistricting has come under review by a higher court. We don't envy those who must decide new lines of demarcation, but certainly Lauderdale County has suffered under this latest plan. It's sad when the most competent representative for District I is Marcel Black.


This blog is always happy to post guest editorials. Some we edit slightly, as we did one which we posted yesterday. Some we agree with totally; some we disagree with totally; some we have no opinion on or publicly question.

If you disagree with one of our guest editorials, feel free to offer a rebuttal in any way you wish. Do not feel free to criticize us for posting it or to misstate publicly we wrote the said guest blog. Yes, we're sure this little statement will do a lot of good. Sighhhhh.


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