Monday, March 23, 2015

Four Officers Desert Sheffield Police for Colbert County

We almost headed today's blog "Just How Many Lieutenants Does Your Police Force Have," but decided our current title better served the purpose. We know that the City of Russellville has a problem keeping officers, but apparently Sheffield isn't far behind. Four officers have recently left Sheffield to work for Colbert Sheriff Frank Williamson. Why?

People usually change jobs for better pay or better treatment or both. We're pretty sure in Russellville the answer is "both." Now Sheffield has joined the ranks of forces where employees are deserting rapidly. Sources within the department say that low pay isn't the only factor. Some are privately blaming the relatively new public safety director Dewey King for the decrease in morale.

For those who came in late, Dewey King was the Sheffield fire chief who assumed the position of acting police chief when Greg Ray was on leave due to problems with the city council. When Ray returned, King was appointed public safety director.

In late February, approximately seven officers under the umbrella of Rodney Rippey filed a grievance against the department; the grievance was based mainly on the non-advertisement of new job openings. When Huntsville television station WAFF contacted King, he offered an interesting comment.

From WAFF: We also talked to the Director of Public Safety, Dewey King, on the phone, who said he was too busy Monday to discuss the matter.

We're going to add that no matter how well deserved a promotion/job change may be, it is incomprehensible that the Sheffield City Council announced the promotion of a city code enforcement officer to a position within the department before they informed Chief Ray.


So what about the lieutenants in the Sheffield force? Apparently, a promotion is currently the only way to bring about a raise in pay. Well, it does look good on a resume'.


If you love interesting comments, we have a second one to offer you. From Athens State political science professor Jess Brown: When I talk to Democratic activists today, they believe they still have a message; they just don’t have the money to get it out. I believe they are delusional.


In the same ol' same ol' department, we just noticed the TimesDaily's online state news section today. It seems we're still living in Alaskabama:

Does anyone at the TD pay attention? If you don't subscribe, do you really want to use up one of your ten free articles clicking on Alaska news by mistake?


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