Saturday, March 28, 2015

Return to DreamVision & Its Sensual Masseur

We're sure our readers are thinking that while they'd heard DreamVision had a cornucopia of family inspired offerings, they weren't aware of a sensual masseur. We can't blame you; there's been so much confetti strewn around the DreamVision guys that it's difficult to see behind it. Yet some have.

We've mentioned some of the key players before, but many have not been on radar until now. No, we didn't sniff them out ourselves. Thanks to WestCoaster for its continuing followups on this fairy tale not to come true story.

Randy Dyar, DreamVision VP
First, let's look at Randy Dyar, Vice President of Production Development...not that's he or DreamVision have ever actually produced anything themselves. Randy seems to be going great guns to already be a veep--he's only been in film production since 2011. Before that?

Randy was a "sensual personal masseur" in St. Petersburg, Florida. How personal did Randy get? He advertises full body deep massage and he doesn't leave out the glutes. We don't wanna even think about it.

Now we know that most of us have had some odd jobs while in school, or in between real work. There's nothing wrong with that. It's just that most of us didn't go from being a cashier to vice president of a large company.

Next we come to DreamVision's head of Information Technology. DreamVision tells us they have 25 years of experience in IT, but Bruce LeBrun has just turned 30. No other IT specialists are listed.

And prexy Rick Silanskas? He's blanked out his LinkedIn profile. Sensitive, isn't he?

Local investment guy Bryan Robinson? He and one of his companies made the March 19, 2015, Lauderdale delinquent property tax list. No, it's not super unusual to be on the list, but neither is it good publicity, especially right now.


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  1. If these are the characters that they are hiring....there's something wrong...."built to fail" is the expression that I'd use. If you (not to say you are rich or such) were to talk of a billion-dollar investment deal.....the top twenty guys better have gold-platted resumes. This is like hiring your cousin Randy, the former meth-dealer, to be a clerk at the local drug store in town. You can predict that something will go wrong.