Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Phillip Pettus Marches On!

In today's TimesDaily Phillip Pettus says he still believes in disenfranchising Florence voters in the Lauderdale school superintendent's race. Really? We certainly support every attempt to get Pettus out of office. He was elected to serve a certain district--not just the few farms around his home in Greenhill.

Notice how no one has come forward to support Pettus? No one in support of Pettus even came to the area meeting on the bill.

Looking at Pettus' other wonderful ideas since being elected a state representative, we find he also is planning on introducing a bill that would drive a further wedge between Lauderdale and Colbert Counties. Area Rotary Clubs from these two counties have been working together to fund Scholar Dollars, but now Pettus wants to single out Lauderdale students for special treatment.

If politicians are generally expected to schmooze up to all voters, Pettus didn't get that memo.


We have received this communication from Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan concerning a sign for a bail bonding company that appeared to be on city property:

The Stonecipher Bonding Company in question according to a post this weekend is not on City property but is on property owned by Robbins Properties.  The Robbins own all of the property from Dickson Street to South Main and into Spring Park.  The Robbins allow the fire department and Police to park vehicles on there from time to time but the property is private owned solely by the Robbins.

Chief Logan is also continuing to work on the Elbert Farley Davis Jr. murder case and we plan to discuss this more in a few days.


Yesterday we published a link on Facebook concerning the arrest of the the son of Chief Justice Roy Moore. Out take on it was surprise that it was getting the coverage it had generated. One reader replied thusly:

To even justify this lie by printing this so-called "response" is an insult to the many citizens who after an arrest were tarred and feathered by Shoalanda and "crew" before a day of trial began. Yet they gladly print this response as what, a show of support? Everyone knows the hypocrisy and lies and this twist is laughable!

First, we didn't publish the link as a show of support; we shared it because it was interesting. No, we don't think he was framed. Yes, we do feel Caleb Moore is entitled to answer news reports on the arrest. We always publish rebuttals to any of our blogs unless the replies are libelous or contain vulgar language, and feel that even the likes of Tommy Arthur is entitled to his say--he is not entitled to feel we will believe him.

As for our reports on crimes of individuals, we have never in six years published any comments on simple marijuana arrests or DUI unless the arrestee was a celebrity. We can recall one instance of that, and if our very talented friend ever gets another DUI in Sheffield, we will probably again mention it here. Neither do we report on the arrests of family of elected officials.

Now if our very misguided reader would care to elucidate us on any lies? Please...just one...that's all...just show us one lie. (We've asked readers before to do that, and no one has ever answered us. Hmmmm.)


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  1. From the entire 'script' over what the cops found in the kid's truck....it's basically a bag of weed and a couple of Xanax pills. My bet is that he comes up with some prescription (after the fact) on the Xanax (not even a full bottle by the description), and the amount of weed appears to be a minor amount. If you ran a data search....probably 300 folks a week around Alabama get picked up on the same type charges.....other than a minor fine...most get released. A story worth telling? Maybe one time and then the thrill is over. Now, if there had been fifty pounds of weed....oh, that would be big deal and worth five-star treatment.