Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Shoals Gains Three New Republicans?

Lauderdale County district attorney Chris Connolly, commissioner Fay Parker, and circuit court clerk Missy Hibbett are changing parties. Bippity, boppity, boo--they're now Republicans.

We have no problem with that...if they really mean it. Parker says he has problems with the Democratic positions on abortion and gun control. First we're pretty sure the Lauderdale County Commission will never be called upon to vote on either. Second we have to wonder if Parker wants more babies to grow up to be either shooters or shot at?


And what of that infamous Dem Roger Bedford? You rarely saw an ad for Bedford that didn't focus on guns, hunting, etc. Should we expect him to join the Republican ranks in order to again "serve the people?" How about Billy Underwood? He's going to feel lonely.


Have you ever looked at candidate comparison charts? These usually ask candidates their views on ten or so hot button issues. It usually boils down to the individual voter being unable to find the perfect candidate who agrees with him/her completely. The voter is then forced to decide which issues are really important.

The wise voter votes for the candidate--not the party.


A new head of Florence-Lauderdale tourism by Thursday? We eagerly await the name...and the salary.


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  1. Just an odd question, but in the history of Alabama, has there ever been a Republican to flip over and become a Democrat? I can probably think of twenty to thirty Democrats who just felt the sudden urge to get 'right' and become a Republican. But I just can't think of anyone doing the other thing.