Thursday, March 12, 2015

Return to (Pipe) DreamVision?

DreamVision? Anyone have an update? No? Then let's recap:

1. The DreamVision company originally incorporated in Florida--no theme park announcements that we know of. The company removed to Texas in 2009 after a financial judgment.

2. Announced theme park for Dallas (at a Christian Media conference) in 2011.

3. Announced theme park for Ft. Worth in 2013.

4. Announced theme park for Cape Town, South Africa, in 2013 (partnered with the animation company Character Matters).

5. Announced theme park in Israel in 2013 (partnered with Roni Wexler, owner of Sea of Galilee amusement company).

6. Announced (again) theme park for Ft. Worth in 2015.

7. Announced theme park for Muscle Shoals, Alabama, in 2015.


So the "Sea of Galilee, Inc." is award winning? Uh, not that we can tell. Just try to Google this company to personally view all their (0) awards?

We don't want to sound all Muslim terrorist here and have no desire to shove our religious beliefs down anyone's throat, but somehow we don't associate the Sea of Galilee with an amusement park...


While we're on the subject, a reader asked us some time ago if we attended the news conference DreamVision held at the Marriott. We did not. He then pointed out something very interesting to us.

It seems when funding was discussed, Bryan Robinson of Killen uttered two very conflicting statements:

1. We're good. (That's pretty straight forward--the funding is there.)

2. We'll get the support. (That's not quite the same thing as statement number one.)

We notice that no news outlets noted that discrepancy, but if  you look at the YouTube video, you can confirm the above statements.


What does DreamVision get out of these nebulous and unlikely theme park plans? Remember that old pop psych catch phrase of Dr. Fraser Crane? See it; Be it.

If only it worked that way.



  1. It is probably all Smoke !! I never could figure out all the details !! So I never really put any more thought into it..:(

  2. The TVA property? Isn't that the intended property?

    1. They say they have three sites in mind, one being TVA. That property would have to be bid on as we understand it.