Monday, March 2, 2015

Who Wants Jennifer Gray Out?

Jennifer Gray is the current Lauderdale County school superintendent. She won a three-way race in 2012 with 49% of the votes. Yep--49% in a three-way race is pretty good.

Now our District 1 state representative says the number one concern of Lauderdale County voters, according to his unofficial pre-election poll, is the city of Florence controlling the vote. Really?

Of those who attended last week's  meeting on Pettus' proposed bill, not one of them was in favor of disenfranchising city voters. If these citizens Pettus supposedly spoke with cared so much, why wasn't at least one of them present?


So...are you too fat to work in a restaurant? A reader sent us a short synopsis of a telling event during his days working in the business. We're removed any names:

When I was a manager at XXXXX Cafe, XXXX asked another manager and I, "Who hired the fat b@&$)h"? XXXXX (then) said, "it does not matter, just make sure I do not see her working here again". After many objections I was told, "needs to be done, do you want your job as well". This behavior does not surprise me at all.


And just what will our wonderful legislature be up to this session? From the TD:

... further consolidation of state government, prison reform, charter schools and economic development incentives.

Cam Ward has promised to introduce a bill to improve our state prisons. Wonder is he's including gasoline and matches in his proposals?


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