Saturday, March 14, 2015

"Tuc" Montgomery Closer to Winning Lawsuit?

We've heard the state board of education has found no basis for any of Anthony Olivis' charges against Robert (Tuc) Montgomery, former principal at Colbert Heights Elementary School. Be sure to remember that when Olivis again asks for more money.


Well, well, the TimesDaily has said we don't need the student religious freedom of expression bill. We certainly have grave reservations about it since it could condone some very odd symbols.

However, in 1999 a Biloxi, Mississippi, area school banned the Star of David. Obviously the bill did have purpose, but was it a worthwhile one?


Republicans who became Democrats? Parker Griffith and Billy Jackson come to mind. Anyone else our readers can think of?


We've been asked why a sign for Stonecipher Bail Bonding is allowed on City of Tuscumbia property (across from jail/fire station). We have no idea. Any readers have an inkling?



  1. Billy Jackson and Parker Griffith were blue-dog Democrats (or at least they say that) for most of their lives, before of any switch.

    I've sat and read a fair bit on this. The first and ONLY Alabama Republican who is noted to have switched was David P. Lewis, After the Civil War, he discovered that as a Republican, you had no possibility of getting elected, so 1869 he made the decision to flip parties. In 1870s, he served two years as Ala governor.

    Beyond that, for any state-level office, it's practically impossible to find any Republican turned Democrat. Now, on the other hand, if you go back to 1900 and just cover the last 115 years....there's at least a dozen guys/gals who flipped for various state-level offices from Democrat to Republican.

    Generally, I think the prevailing attitude is the same as in the 1870s.....(opposite in fact)....if you claim Republican status, you automatically pick up more votes. It was practically impossible after the Civil War for any Republican to run for any state-level office or county-level office for the next fifty years.

  2. Has anyone checked to see who owns the property across from the PD in Tuscumbia? It may be that the city is being allowed to park there.

    1. That's a very good idea! If anyone knows, let us hear.