Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mandatory Football in Alabama?!!!

Pictured is state representative Jack Williams from Vestavia. This legislative session he is introducing three bills intended to revamp the University of Alabama football system. This system not only includes the university in Tuscaloosa, but Birmingham and Huntsville as well. Williams wants to make a football team mandatory for UAB.

Okay, so what about UAH? If you can say UAB has to have one simply because the university in Tuscaloosa has one, why not add UAH as well? While we're at it, how about Auburn in Montgomery; we bet they could field some kind of team.

Alabama has troubled schools, troubled prisons, troubled health care, but Rep. Williams want to legislate football. Williams is a Republican. He says he has many other reps on his side. Wanna bet Phillip Pettus is one of them?


We've had a lot of comments about DreamVision. We don't believe the park is coming, but if it did, where would it go? How about Cotton Flats just south of Tuscumbia? If any such endeavor wanted to locate here, a U.S. highway with little development is the ideal place.

Welcome to "Zombie Land?"


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  1. Not to condemn your UAH football idea.....but presently folks have a fairly negative perception of UAH in general. How do you think they'd take the football idea?