Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Murder? Yes! It's Nothing But Murder!

Regular Readers know that our primary concentration is on the Shoals and northwest Alabama, with a heaping of state news thrown in. We rarely comment on national issues, and remember commenting on international incidents only twice. Today we again make an exception and wish to address an unspeakable incident from the U.K.

How do you define "Murder?" We define it as the senseless taking of an innocent life. We've commented in the past on frequent felony flyer Roger Keith Pitts murdering Bucky Taylor. Nothing wrong with commenting on it since Pitts is never out of the local judicial system due to his many illicit activities. Now there has been at least two such crimes at the Crufts dog show. If you'e not familiar with Crufts, it's the equivalent of the Westminister in the U.S.

Jagger, a prize-winning Irish Setter was fed steak cubes laced with three kinds of poison. He died the day after the show. Now a second dog has died. Reportedly a shih tzu also fell ill from the same set of toxins and died the next day.

There's controversy over the exact location of these dogs at the time they were fed the poisons. No matter where, it was still murder...plain and simple. Unfortunately, if the culprit is found, he will serve only 51 weeks in jail. That's probably still much better than what a similar poisoner would face in Alabama.


We had questions from some readers about the unnamed Lauderdale County accident which we mentioned yesterday. Often we report on certain incidents and crimes at the request of family, as we did in the death of Heath Atkisson; however, not all grieving families want the guilty party prosecuted. We are assuming this is the case in this particular death. When, and if, the driver is indicted, we will publish what information we've gathered.

Does anyone ever listen when they hear the words "Don't drink and drive?"



  1. Roger Pitts was arrested for hunting out of season in TN only because there open season has different dates than AL

    1. We didn't even know he'd been arrested in Tennessee. He has quite a track record, doesn't he?