Monday, March 30, 2015

Readers' Thoughts...Especially on Larry Stutts

* How many times does the RR crossing on Montgomery Ave in Sheffield have to be redone before it's done correctly? I know of at least 3 times that it has been torn up/redone over the past 8 years.

* Between the Alabama A&M house party shoot out and the latest round of University of Alabama football player arrests I'm so embarrassed that I'm wondering if we can rename the state to East Mississippi.

*"Extremely classy lounge" - Does that mean the shooters only use chrome or nickel plated weapons?

*This man (Larry Stutts) delivered my granddaughter 21 years ago....I thought at the time he needed to go back to delivering cows. And I still think that......

* "However, Stutts did not make his Senate colleagues aware of Church's death while under his care or her relationship to the bill he is trying to eliminate." -- I think the correct sentence should've said, "This guy is making Bedford look even better."

* I believe I helped elect another IDIOT! ‪#‎drlarrystutts‬


We will admit we came extremely close to endorsing Roger Bedford over Larry Stutts, but we thought it was pretty much a toss up. Now we're sorry we didn't give our endorsement. We believe, unlike some, that it is always better to vote for the lesser of two evils than to abstain from voting at all.


Larry Stutts reportedly says he wants to revise every health care law in the state. In other words, Stutts knows best. We've been told this is called paternalism. Want Larry Stutts for your father/big brother figure?

He has also said in relation to the appeal he's supporting:  “I am proud to say that I am hard at work removing one-size-fits-all Obamacare-style laws from the books in Alabama.” In 1999, when "Rose's Bill" was passed, Bill Clinton was the prexy. We assume Stutts is using "Obamacare" as a catch all phrase for any laws he doesn't support. Perhaps we can us the term "quack" in reference to Stutts from now on?

What do most political pundits say? Let's just say that some are using language to describe Stutts that is better left to a George Carlin routine.


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