Monday, March 16, 2015

How Goes the Search for a New Tourism Director?

A Special Guest Editorial:

The Florence Lauderdale Tourism Board has made the keen (?) decision to hire a search firm to find a new director of tourism. Well its obvious that this search is not for a director who will lead the tourism department into growth and prosperity since the director that they ran off was already doing an exceptional job.

It's a search for a director who they can "Man Handle" into doing exactly what they say do and when they say do it, even though, none of the existing board members have any experience what so ever in the field of tourism. Yes the "Tourism Three" certainly have made it clear that they are not interested in promoting from within, although there are at least 2 qualified people already in that department who could step into the role of director without any hesitation.

In this search for a new director, I doubt they will have many "good" takers since everyone associated with the tourism industry has watched in and utter amazement at the YouTube video from the now infamous December 11, 2014 Board Meeting that has now been seen around 7,000 times. Its still hard to believe that Alex Nelson, the worst of the 3 bullies, has not been reprimanded and forced to resign from the board from the Lauderdale County Commission.

Even if you were unaware of how ridiculous you looked and sounded at a board meeting, after watching this fiasco, most "normal" people would have resigned themselves and offered up an apology. Not BIG ALEX. The other 2 questionable board member bullies still have a little money in the bank so no one will dare ask them to resign.

This brings me to question the spending of $50,000 (minus the $17,000 rebate or some shady business) to fill a position that only pays $75,000. Perhaps the search firm will be kind enough to take any money left over from the $50,000 and find us some NEW BOARD MEMBERS.


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