Monday, March 9, 2015

Alabama Legislature Says Okay to Swastikas in Schools?

Today's TD opined about the state legislature wanting to control local schools--mainly in connection with charter schools. Yet there is another bill in consideration which bans local school boards from quashing signs of religious expression.

That may sound well and good, but wait... Gangs have appropriated the Celtic cross and the Star of David to the extent they're no longer permitted in some California schools. You may say it hasn't happened here yet. Right you are, but what if it should?

Most students are out of public schools by the age of 18. Such a ban, although we don't agree with it, is not a life changing event. Suppose this religious freedom act does become law. From Wiki:

Because of its use in Nazism, in many Western countries the swastika is stigmatized,[4] while it remains commonly used as a religious symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism.[3]

Yes, any student of the Hindu or Buddhist faith would be allowed to wear a swastika. It's sad that forces of evil appropriate symbols of hope and good, but they do and the innocent suffer.


From a reader: Just an odd question, but in the history of Alabama, has there ever been a Republican to flip over and become a Democrat? I can probably think of twenty to thirty Democrats who just felt the sudden urge to get 'right' and become a Republican. But I just can't think of anyone doing the other thing.

We know of some who been appointed as Republicans, were defeated in the regular election, then ran the next time as Dems. We'll see if we can find a few examples.


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