Saturday, March 21, 2015

David Walter Shipper

Palau is a former U.S. Territory with only 20,000 inhabitants. The small island in Micronesia is loosely connected with the U.S., but is self-governing. We mentioned at the time of the Paris attacks that we had a daily reader in the South Pacific, but we had no clue as to the reader's identity.

Unfortunately, now we do. David Walter Shipper, 45, was a Florence native and Coffee High School graduate currently living in Palau where he both worked for the country's president and had a private practice. Last Sunday, David complained of chest pains after a game of football (soccer). He was rushed to a hospital, but had passed away.

Everything we have read about David has been positive. It's our loss that we never had the opportunity to meet David. We know his family and friends are hurting. All our sympathies to those who feel his passsing so greatly.


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