Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Attention Franklin County - You're a Sick Joke!

Yes, you, Franklin County. Your priorities are skewed. You need an animal shelter and you've made absolutely no progress in getting one.

In case any of our readers missed it, this weekend a woman from Franklin County dumped a litter of puppies after hours at the Colbert shelter. She did do the right thing when contacted and returned to take them to a rescue. No, Colbert can't take animals from other counties. Neither can Lauderdale. This is just common sense.

Don't worry, Franklin County, we're now going to address the City of Russellville. It was Russellville's previous mayor who claimed that city didn't have an animal control problem. No, and it doesn't have an illegal immigrant problem either, does it?

Nothing about this situation will change unless one of two things happens. One - The state will come in and make Franklin County do the right thing; or Two - Citizens will place pressure on their elected officials to remedy the situation.

Certainly the second choice would be quicker, so we're asking residents to act. Yes, John Smith on Waterloo Road, that's you. Yes, Jane Jones on Cotaco Street, that's you also. Yes, you...the attorney who hangs out at the courthouse...Larson E. Pettifogger, isn't it? That means you as well. 

Don't just write a letter to elected officials; write one to the Franklin County Times and the Franklin Free Press. Make sure no one can say there's no animal problem in your city or county. 

We honestly don't know how you sleep at night...


Now a special word to a few of you in Russellville. Yes, we understand Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. That applies to most of Franklin County's rural residents and some in the county seat, but we know it doesn't apply to a great many in the city of Russellville.  

Please don't tell us you trust your elected officials. If your money market account never made any money, or even worse, would you continue to say you trusted your broker or banker? You have the intelligence and the resources to get things done. 

If you like to see dying, abused, and starving animals, just continue as you have done. If you have an ounce of real pity in you, do the right thing and contact your elected officials and tell them to get off their arse and build a shelter.


  1. This is an issue we've been dealing with for YEARS. One mayor spoke at a fundraiser, saying that he would create a leash law - it didn't happen. Nothing changed mayor after mayor. We have seen stray dogs running through town, dogs running across our football field during ball games and music festivals, stray dogs attacking stray kittens, dogs turning over garbage cans in neighborhoods, large groups of feral cats living around fast food places, puppies/kittens being dumped at schools, and stores. These pitiful animals are just trying to survive one more day, because of irresponsible pet owners. Pets should be HUMANELY secured on your own property. Not tied to a tree with no sign of water nearby. Pets should be spayed or neutered to eliminate the problem we have with strays! It is pathetic that these animals go hungry, get hit by cars, and trash private property because of laziness. It's offensive. AND, apparently, there's nothing wrong with having LIVESTOCK in city limits either. There's nothing like going into a place of business and hearing a random GOAT somewhere in the distance. It's OBSCENE. I'm not even addressing the problems over the years with people having their family pets STOLEN from fenced in properties, pets POISONED on their fenced in properties, junk yards just feet from city streets, car lots in residential areas, and seemingly no building codes. SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE!!!!!

  2. Franklin County has a shelter. However, they are still a kill shelter and will put the animal down 7 days after it is relinquished to them. Also, it's very small, and I'm not sure many people are aware that it exists, due to its location, which is pretty obscure. It could certainly use improving!

  3. Isn't it next to the dump, and don't the animal control officers abuse animals and kill them shortly after arrival ??

  4. They do have a shelter. It is small and the kennel area is not heated or cooled. They euthanize after a 7 day stray hold.The director does not allow rescues to pull, does not "trust" local recues, most of which are very reputable. THIS needs to be foremost; forcing him to allow rescues to pull. Most are foster home based, so I don't understand what the issue is.