Friday, June 2, 2017

Deerslayer Greg Scoggins Hits the News Again...and a Car

Everyone remember Greg Scoggins of Deerslayer fame? If you don't...

It seems Scoggins is now employed in the city of Tuscumbia and crashed into a a car turning in front of him this afternoon. Scoggins says his lights and siren were on. Sheffield was called to investigate since a Tuscumbia officer was involved. Both drivers were taken to hospital with what are reported as minor injuries.


Another former news maker is also back in the spotlight. Candace Carol Irons was arrested on drug charges in Colbert County earlier this week:

Irons received a 108 month sentence for her part in a heroin trafficking scheme four years ago. At least five of those arrested were charged in the deaths of four users. She's been serving her sentence in community corrections and a highway trash pickup program. Is it now to regular prison for Irons to join her daughter's erstwhile drug dealer boyfriend Wes Akin? 


A chilling statistic:

Over 90% of recovering heroin addicts will relapse in some manner; if not renewing their addiction to that opiate, they will become similarly addicted to other opiates or opiods. 

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