Monday, June 26, 2017

Colbert County Courthouse Access

From Leslie M. Shoals:

Yoder Underwood Would Never Make It Past Security

Colbert County Commissioners have secured the Courthouse against any danger.

There are security stations and scanners that each person with business inside the Courthouse must pass through, akin to airport security. We can assume there is a well thought out plan and stringent vetting for those who are exempt.
TSA officials have few exceptions when protecting citizens on air carriers.
“Government officials traveling with approved federal law enforcement security details are not required to undergo security screening,” TSA spokesman Nicholas Kimball said, speaking about checkpoint security at airports. “TSA follows a specialized screening protocol for federal law enforcement officers and those under their control, which includes identity verification.”
The TSA would not explain why it makes these exceptions. But many of the exempted government officials have gone through several levels of security clearances, including FBI background checks, and travel with armed law enforcement, eliminating the need for an additional layer of security at airports.
Armed law enforcement officials who travel commercially are also allowed to skip airport security after they fill out the proper paperwork at the airport.
Exceptions are to be expected and outlined in an approved security operating procedures in the Courthouse rules and regulations.

The Colbert County Commission has explained the stringent vetting of those gaining access inside the courthouse without a security scan or check as:

  1. You must be a county employee OR a county commissioner.
  2. Refer to the above.

Sounds harmless? I would be suspect of the security clearance and background checks the county performs on an applicant prior to hiring or IF there is such a check. There is certainly no ABI, FBI, and other state, national or professional background checks on all or maybe any of these.

However, there are over 140 badges issued to county employees and commissioners exempting them from a security line in spite of little or no security/background checks. Many of these employees do not work in the courthouse, nor require/need access for their job duties.

David Black, newcomer Darol Bendall and Tuscumbia Commissioner Jimmy Gardiner oppose granting pre-clearance to professionals, or others in a legal field working in the courthouse on a regular basis - sometimes multiple visits a day. Black, Gardiner and Bendall continue to argue that only county employees will have badges. Gardiner’s suggestion to install another security check point (employee cost, expense) at another entrance was introduced and passed in one evening without input from others.

Those who have multiple appointments daily and weekly in the courthouse, such as attorneys who are required by the Bar Association and the law to maintain ABI, FBI, and highest level of security clearance in the country, will produce longer lines for the average citizen. We will be subjected to all weather conditions to simply get a license, automobile tag, pay taxes or conduct other business at the courthouse.

Nice plan Mr. Black, Mr. Bendall, Mr. Gardiner. You’ve now created another snafu costing the taxpayer money, time and stress. All these older people once again inconvenienced from your lack of common sense.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I ask you to consider the facts. Over 140 individuals employed by the county and elected commissioners have unfettered access to your courthouse and courts by use of a simple badge issued by their own. It also is fact that most, or all of these 140+ individuals, have absolutely no ABI, FBI, or high level security clearance. While these individuals are allowed to freely enter daily without a reasonable and mandated background check and security clearance, the group of professional officers of the courts (attorneys included) who are licensed through a stringent process, maintain an ABI, FBI, and high security clearance, continue to daily create longer lines for the public to gain access.

Ask yourself where the risk lies in the courthouse. On one hand, the 140+ individuals who enter freely without background or high level security, or those who have been extremely vetted and maintain federal security clearance.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr David Black created this inconvenience for the taxpayers and should be held accountable. Mr. Bendall and Mr. Gardiner, shame on you for falling for his irrational behavior. You need to think independently.

Leslie M. Shoals


We usually agree with Leslie on the majority of points in any submission - some more than others. This time? We agree 100% with Leslie's pithy and spot on remarks. 

Our readers? Surprisingly, our mail is running more anti Darol Bendall than anti David Black. We welcome any and all comments.


  1. As a resident in Mr. Bendalls district, I have only seen him one time. This was after he drive past my No Trespassing signs, Roger Creekmore signs,and was beating on my door, campaigning, while I was trying to take a shower! I was concerned he couldn't read and now I'm convinced!

  2. Aha once again colbert county officials your clout floats together. Regulate everyone or noone. Its security for all right? As we all have heard before though you make the rules you dont apply them to all. Uhhmmmmm judge hatcher...