Friday, June 16, 2017

Did Someone Say Polls?

We had a critic ask us about UNA placing number two in a ranking of 30 four-year colleges in Alabama. Certainly it's nice to place in the top numbers of most polls, but two of the criteria for the most recent poll were cheap tuition and number of acceptances (low ACT scores). It reminded us of some other polls in which UNA had scored/not scored in the past few years.

U.S. News & World Report 9/14: Two Alabama colleges ranked; UNA was not one of them.

Dept. of Edu. 2/17 Most Earning Potential: UNA ranked 14th in state.

Niche 9/16 Best Dorms: UNA ranked 15th out of 25 in state.

Niche 4/16 Attractive Females: UNA 12th out of 17 in state. 

Niche 4/16 Attractive Males: UNA 3rd out of 17 in state.


Polls can be either worded or manipulated to mean anything anyone wants. Of the above polls, we feel only the Department of Education polls holds real merit, and even that poll is iffy. Why? Did the poll take into consideration bare figures or did it also consider which universities produced grads willing to move farther afield to increase their income?


Polls for the upcoming U.S. Senate race? There's already squabbling over which, if any, are official polls. Do we have any endorsements on tap? Of course; we'll go ahead and give you one clue that the Republican candidate this blog endorses will not be Luther Strange.



  1. Here's the funny thing about tuition when you talk UNA. It runs around $12k a year just for tuition, while Auburn is running around $10k a year. On the surface, it'd look better for Auburn. But then you come to this funny topic of room/board...UNA is $6.5k and Auburn is $13k. This would make you go and can it be 50-percent less to attend UNA for boarding?

  2. Per their websites:
    Auburn's tuition is $389.00/hour + $816 student fee (per semester) for a resident undergraduate.

    UNA's is 277.00 + approx $400 in semester fees for a resident undergraduate.

    Non residents and graduate classes are more expensive.